Hello world!

Hello to everyone and thanks for visiting our Club’s new blog where we will post about our field trips and our club’s other activities. We are a trip-based club and every 4th Sunday in the months of March through to November finds us out in the Aussie bush somewhere in northern Victoria or Southern NSW . We usually have an expert guide with us to give an overview of an area .We then spend a few hours looking at the flora and fauna  , sometimes the geology , then break for a picnic lunch somewhere in the bush . Another walk in the afternoon, maybe a cuppa and a report of significant sightings and then it’s off home after a rewarding and friendly day in the great outdoors. 

We will update the blog in the next few days to include our past outing reports  , our calendar for the rest of the year and important information about next years Campout . Our club will be hosting the bi-annual Campout of the South Eastern Australian Naturalists Association when we will welcome field naturalists from far and wide to our district for the first time .The Mighty Murray River will feature highly in our trips with our forests and grasslands to investigate as well . We all look forward to next October with relish.


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